How would you feel if you invested in one year of college classes your son or daughter never attended?

Our student surveys show that college students miss an average of one semester's worth of classes over four years. And many students miss the equivalent of a year's worth of paid-for classes.

45% of college students don't graduate within six years, often because they get off track and in serious academic trouble due to poor class attendance. Scroll down to learn how Class120 can help keep your son or daughter in college and on the path to graduation.

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The formula for student success in college begins with going to class.

Class120 Dashboard

Class120 notifies parents when a son or daughter misses a class.

  • Hands-free class attendance monitoring—the student just downloads the app and brings the charged phone to every class
  • Receive a notification if your student misses a class (SMS or email)
  • Review your student's class attendance data in your account in near real time on your laptop or mobile device
  • equires iOS 7.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later
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Is there a connection between class attendance and academic performance?

Yes...and it's probably stronger than you think.

We recommend that you take a look at "Class Attendance in College: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Relationship of Class Attendance with Grades and Student Characteristics," by Credé, Roch and Kieszczynka, Review of Educational Research, 2010.

"Attendance has strong relationships with both class grades and GPA. These relationships make class attendance a better predictor of college grades than any known predictor of academic performance."

How many classes are college students missing?

Six hundred current college students gave us an answer.

Respondents reported college students are skipping an average of a semester's worth of classes over four years, with nearly a quarter of all students skipping the equivalent of one entire year.

Dropping out isn't the only danger as GPA underperformance negatively impacts earning potential beyond college.

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Why are so many students frequently skipping class?

Some students become a part of a college culture that celebrates skipping class without understanding the consequences.

Through our partnership with Crimson Hexagon, a social media monitoring and analytics firm, we analyzed millions of Tweets from college students to capture the largest unsolicited view available of why they skip.

Of the millions of Tweets, 87% boasted or celebrated the behavior, revealing that for these students skipping class has become a cultural norm that they are eager to share publicly.

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Will Class120 and parent involvement mean students will attend more classes?

Our survey revealed that most students feel parents have a big impact on their class attendance behavior. With Class120, parents can have a powerful, positive impact on a son's or daughter's class attendance and path to graduation.

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Forecast 91% class attendance rate Forecast 91% class attendance rate

Still not convinced your student might be at risk of academically underperforming or failing to graduate? Watch these videos.

No family embarks on the college journey expecting a student to fail.

Meet Blake, a scholarship student who started missing classes and dropped out before anyone knew she was in trouble.

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Watch our video

"I've never heard a student say, 'I didn't do well in class because I showed up too much.'"

Dr. Jack Schibrowsky—Lee Business School, UNLV

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