Lynn University First To Pilot Early Alert Class120 System

Will Combine iPads and Class Attendance Software to Support Student Success

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 9, 2015) – Core Principle today announced Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida is implementing a pilot of Class120, a new technology for monitoring class attendance starting in Spring 2015. The pilot enables Lynn to “ping” approximately 1,700 students’ iPad devices to determine if they are present in a class and provides its professors and administrators with a dashboard view to track attendance in real time.

“If we can help students continue some of the great behaviors that they learned in high school—like attending class—until the moment they graduate and eventually become employed, then we’re doing our job,” said Lynn President Kevin Ross.

Lynn’s Class120 pilot will supplement its existing class attendance policy, which requires weekly reports from faculty and regular reviews by administrative staff. Based on these records, Lynn reports that students who miss one quarter of their classes, per semester, have a 68 percent chance of earning a grade point average below a 2.0. By improving class attendance, university administrators believe they can improve student performance statistics across the board.

The university’s decision to pilot Class120 was featured on NBC Nightly News on Feb. 7.

“Success in college begins with something simple: go to class,” said Core Principle founder and CEO Jeff Whorley, whose company has developed the Class120 technology now available for institutional and individual use. “We believe Lynn is on its way to having the nation’s best early warning system for students who are at risk academically due to poor class attendance.”

University of Nevada, Las Vegas professor, Jack Schibrowsky, co-author of A Business Marketing Strategy Applied to Student Retention: A Higher Education Initiative and a member of the Core Principle advisory board, believes Lynn may be leading a trend toward using both hardware (university-provided iPads) and software (Class120) to help keep students in college and progressing to on-time graduation.

“Lynn is likely to be the first institution in the nation to combine hardware and software for the purpose of improving class attendance,” said Schibrowsky. “More universities are providing students with smart technology, and some of those institutions are likely to follow Lynn’s strategy for using that technology along with newly available software to improve class attendance.”

“Emerging technologies are giving colleges and universities more options for improving retention and graduation rates,” Schibrowsky said.

With patent-pending technology and proprietary campus mapping, Class120 is able to monitor a college student’s class attendance via the student’s smartphone or tablet. If the device is not detected in class at a scheduled class time, Class120 provides the option for near real-time email or text alerts to be sent to individuals including coaches, academic advisors and even parents, if students have consented. The app does not provide actual location information at any time other than the scheduled class.

The Class120 approach is based on studies that show class attendance is the number one predictor of grades in a college course, outranking time spent studying, studying skills, high school grades or standardized tests. Core Principle offers a customizable suite of Class120 attendance monitoring software to college administrators and athletic departments, and a version of the Class120 attendance monitoring system is also available directly to parents.

“With Class120, someone at Lynn will notice quickly when a student gets off track due to skipping classes, and that’s critical to keeping students in college and on the path to graduation,” added Whorley.

About Core Principle

Based in Indianapolis, Ind., and founded in 2013, Core Principle is dedicated to improving student outcomes at colleges and universities through the use of innovative technology. Core Principle’s flagship product is Class120, which uses geolocation and other advanced technologies to monitor and report college class attendance in near real time. For more information, visit Since launching the technology in January 2015, Class120 has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CBS This Morning, USA Today and NBC Nightly News.

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