What would you do if you realized that many students at your institution are skipping the equivalent of a year’s worth of classes over four years?

And what if comprehensive research revealed that going to class is the best predictor of how a student will perform in the college classroom?

Poor class attendance is a problem worth solving. Learn how Class120 can help your institution improve student retention, GPAs and quality of student learning through better class attendance.

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Is there a connection between class attendance and academic performance?

Yes...and it’s stronger than almost anyone realized.

We recommend that you take a look at "Class Attendance in College: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Relationship of Class Attendance with Grades and Student Characteristics," by Credé, Roch and Kieszczynka, Review of Educational Research, 2010.

"Attendance has strong relationships with both class grades and GPA. These relationships make class attendance a better predictor of college grades than any known predictor of academic performance."

What solutions does the Class120 software suite offer?

Class120 is a mobile app that uses a student’s smartphone to take class attendance and notifies contacts in near real time.

You can leverage parent influence to motivate their sons and daughters to attend class, and use Class120 at your institution to act as an early warning alert for at-risk students.

  • Hands-free class attendance monitoring—the student downloads the app to their phone and brings the charged phone to every class
  • Review class attendance data on your customized dashboard in near real time
  • equires iOS 7.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later
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Class120 Dashboard
Class120 Attendance Tracking

Class120 gives instructors a simple means of taking roll call that generates notifications to assigned contacts.

  • Take attendance on a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Review class attendance data generated by Class120 on your customized dashboard
  • Customize alert notification recipients for each student (SMS or email)
  • All attendance data is stored securely in the cloud
  • Available on approved Apple and Android devices
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How can I put Class120 to work at my institution?

Live Reminder Service

Become a Class120 institutional partner and pick which class attendance solution best fits your college or university.

  • You can offer Class120 to parents of your students at orientation, via email, or through traditional mail at no cost to you
  • You can use Class120 with students who are on academic probation and at high risk of dropping out
  • You can implement Class120 for particular programs, courses or your entire campus
  • You can combine Class120 to dramatically reduce the amount of time instructors take for roll call
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Want to learn more about what students are saying about college class attendance?

We asked: How often do college students skip class?

Our survey of 600 students revealed that the average student misses between one semester and one year’s worth of classes over four years of college.

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Class120 Class120

Will parent involvement mean students will attend more classes?

Our survey revealed that many college students feel parents have a big influence on their class attendance behavior.

Leveraging parent support is an untapped resource for improving class attendance at nearly every college or university. Class120 will make the parents who want to help your partners for improving student outcomes.

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Forecast 91% class attendance rate Forecast 91% class attendance rate

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