Class120 Provides Parents, Coaches, Academic Advisors With Alerts When College Students Skip Class

New Technology Aims To Improve Class Attendance, Protect Family Investment in College

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (January 14, 2015) –  The fact that almost 50 percent of traditional college students don’t graduate within six years is a big problem in the United States, and an Indiana company is tackling the problem with new technology and a clear mission: get more students to go to more classes.

Class120 is a college class attendance monitoring platform created by Core Principle, Inc. With patent-pending geolocation technology and proprietary campus mapping, Class120 is able to monitor a college student’s class attendance via the student’s smartphone. If the smartphone is not detected in class at a scheduled class time, email and text alerts are sent to designated individuals—parents, coaches or academic advisors—in near real time.

The Wall Street Journal featured Class120 in its January 14, 2015, article “Cracking Down on Skipping Class” ( as a promising solution for students at risk of dropping out due to poor class attendance.

The Class120 approach is based on studies that show class attendance is the number one predictor of grades in a college course, outranking time spent studying, studying skills, high school grades or standardized tests. Despite this clear connection between class attendance and college success, surveys of college students demonstrate that the typical student skips between a semester and a full year’s worth of classes over a four-year period.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, 45.0 percent of college students in the United States who enroll in a traditional four-year college or university fail to graduate within six years. Of those who don’t graduate in six years, 32.7 percent are still enrolled after six years, racking up additional tuition bills, while the other 67.3 percent have left college without a degree.

“We created Class120 because we are certain that improving class attendance will improve grades and progress toward graduation for all types of students at all types of institutions,” said Jeff Whorley, founder and CEO of Core Principle, Inc. “Our Class120 technology can help American families protect their investment in college and prevent literally billions of dollars from being wasted every year on classes that college students skip.”

The patent-pending Class120 platform:

  • Uses geolocation technology on a student’s iOS smartphone to take attendance based on the location of the device (Android version coming soon)
  • Leverages Class120’s proprietary campus mapping to reference each building on a college campus
  • Sends automatic alerts via text or email when a student misses class
  • Includes a custom web-based and mobile dashboard that allows parents, schools, athletic directors and coaches to view attendance data in near real-time
  • Allows institutions and athletic departments to view aggregated data in near real-time
  • Allows athletic departments to view team-by-team data, helping them keep pace with Academic Progress Rates

Core Principle has piloted Class120 with college students at more than twenty institutions and involved several college professors from across the country in the development process.

“Skipping classes in college can be the source of academic problems, or it can also be the symptom of other issues that need to be addressed,” said Dr. David Reed, professor of Computer Science at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, and senior technology consultant at Core Principle. “Either way, Class120 is an early warning system for letting a parent, academic advisor or coach know that there is a problem and that a student may need help to get back on track.”

While developing Class120, Core Principle sought input from hundreds of current and recent college students. Many of those students cited skipping class as a reason for academic trouble in college. “Looking back, I wish that my parents were somehow notified that I was skipping classes the first time it happened because I know it wouldn’t have happened again,” said Blake, a former college student who lost a full scholarship and dropped out. Blake agreed to share her experience in a testimonial video for Class120 in order to help prevent others from making the same mistakes. “If our family had Class120, I might have a degree now.”

Class120 for Colleges & Universities

Core Principle offers a customizable suite of Class120 attendance monitoring technologies to college administrators and athletic departments. Instructors can use a smartphone or tablet application to quickly check attendance, with the results available to an appropriate third party almost instantly. School officials can also bypass the instructor entirely and check the class attendance of students using the students’ smartphones via geolocation.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest from athletic departments over this feature,” said Whorley. “Right now at many institutions, assistant coaches, grad students or staff hired to be attendance checkers are literally walking from classroom to classroom to make sure student-athletes are where they’re supposed to be. Using the student-athlete’s smartphone as an attendance monitoring tool instead streamlines the overall process in a cost-effective way.”

With state and federal taxpayers contributing an average of $15,000 per year per college student to higher education funding in the United States, the budgets of many state institutions of higher learning are being tied to a broader range of metrics than mere enrollment.

“Class120 allows school officials to identify and engage students who are exhibiting the warning signs of getting off track academically,” Whorley said. “At a time when college administrators are pressing hard to improve graduation rates and other metrics, Class120 provides the tools necessary to improve class attendance which, in turn, is the best predictor of classroom success.”

Class120 for Families

With families being the largest source of education dollars for today’s college students, Class120 is not only useful for educational institutions but also for parents and students as well. Class120 is the only technology on the market today that allows parents to monitor class attendance without institutional involvement.

With Class120, parents will receive email and text alerts when their college student misses class for any reason. In addition, Class120 provides parents with a website and mobile application which allows them to review their son or daughter’s overall attendance record, trends and potential academic risks due to skipping class.

“The uncomfortable fact is that millions of American families are spending billions of dollars each year on tuition for classes that are never attended,” Whorley said. “The same is true for university or college endowments that provide scholarships and taxpayers who subsidize college education in several ways. Most importantly, skipping between a semester and a year’s worth of paid for classes is very costly to students, many of whom are going into life-altering debt in pursuit of a degree.”

About Core Principle

Based in Indianapolis, Ind., and founded in 2013, Core Principle is dedicated to improving student outcomes at colleges and universities through the use of innovative technology. Core Principle’s flagship product is Class120, which uses geolocation and other advanced technologies to monitor and report college class attendance in near real time. For more information, visit

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