The research on the relationship between class attendance and success in college is clear, but for many of us, there is nothing quite as convincing as hearing a real student’s story. Blake is a very real person whose college story has been at the center of how we thought about making Class120 a highly effective tool for student success.

Blake was a top-notch high school student who earned a full scholarship to a state flagship university. Unfortunately, the good habits of her high school years didn’t last in college. Blake’s college years should have been a story of student success, but she became a dropout statistic because of skipping class. The good news is that now she is trying to help other college students and parents understand how quickly a college opportunity can slip away. Anyone who wants to understand the problems of college student retention, persistence or graduation rates should take just over one minute to watch Blake’s story.

Class120 can sound an alarm bell for a student like Blake who is headed for serious academic trouble. With Class120, Blake might have stayed in class and on track for good grades and on-time graduation.

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