Stay competitive on the field by keeping scholarship athletes on track in the classroom.

You already know that getting student-athletes to class and study hall are the first steps to solid GPAs and on-time graduation. But that kind of monitoring is a lot of work.

We designed Class120 to help improve APR and GSR through a more efficient and robust approach to class attendance monitoring.

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How does Class120 enhance your ability to support student-athlete success?

Give students a single mobile app to track all academic and event-related activities.

  • Coaches and other staff can view summaries by team, student-athlete or academic risk due to missing classes
  • The Class120 app for students automatically generates class attendance data via students’ smartphones
  • Automatically build class checker schedules and allow checkers to use the app to report attendance in real time
  • Connect tutors and advisors to students via the students' Class120 app
  • Schedule and track attendance to non-academic related events via the students' Class120 app
Our dashboard gives athletic administrators a program-wide view of class attendance performance

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Test a small cohort of students or across the department

Use any combination of class checking, advising/tutoring, or event modules

Unlimited staff accounts available

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Is there an option for taking class attendance that does not require human involvement?

Check attendance for every student-athlete in every class with Class120.

No instructor or class checker action is required. The Class120 app identifies whether a student-athlete's smartphone is in class at the scheduled time. If their device is not detected, Class120 sends notifications to a coach, academic advisor or other staff person.

  • Hands-free class attendance monitoring–the student-athlete downloads the application to their phone and brings their phone to every class
  • Student receives push notification at the start of a class time if their phone is not detected
  • You choose the notification contacts for each student-athlete
  • Student location is never tracked outside a class time.
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Class120 Dashboard

How does Class120 improve upon traditional class checking methods?

Class120 Attendance Tracking

The class checker module with Class120 makes attendance roll call and reporting more efficient and effective.

  • Use Class120 to automatically or manually assign students to class checkers-save hours of scheduling time every week
  • Class checkers can use their smartphones or tablets to report attendance
  • Customize alert notification recipients by student or team (SMS or email)
  • Checkers are alerted if the students using the Class120 app are already in class or not
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Can Class120 combine data created by both class checkers and automated class checking?


With Class120, you have the flexibility to combine class checker data with the automated student app data.

For a student who has class attendance reporting captured with both the student app and a class checker for the same class, the class checker data takes precedence. The combined results are summarized in real time on your customized dashboard.

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Realtime attendance reporting

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